Friday, September 21, 2012

From Bremen, Germany with Love

It's almost been months since my good friend, Yazmin (from Germany) sent this postcard to me and I just received this today. I asked her and my other friend Sara of Your Ass Won't Win (from Portugal) if it is possible for them to send me a postcard from their place and without hesitation, they agreed.

I had the idea of collecting postcards from other countries to collect because of Miss Lainy's collection of postcards too that she's posting in one of her blogs that is solely for the postcards that she received from her friends all over the world.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

E-books for SALE!!!

Yes, you guess it right! :) I am now selling some e-books that I found in my computer. They were saved here for a very long time already and I got so lazy to read 'em. It's just that I found that printed books are more interesting to read, for me. I actually bought these e-books online for around 25 Pesos each ($0.59) and I'm selling it out for 15 Pesos ($0.35) only . It's 10 Pesos lesser than the original price. hehe! ^_^

I'm kind of a hopeless romantic person that's why I am so fond of reading romance novels since I was in 5th grade and until now, I already almost have more than a 500 copies of some Tagalog romance novels and I keep 'em all in a secure place. My reason for collecting them is when I get old (tagal pa non!) I have something to read that will make me giddy all over! (char)

But really, I hope you guys will buy even just one of my e-books. Pampa-load lang, kumbaga! Please? Hahahaha.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Confidence: How To Succeed at Being Yourself by Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis

According to this book of Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis, some people are magnets for success. They know how to "catch on the wing." Their only secret is confidence; certainty about their personal worth.

"Can you gain more self-confidence? Can you change? "Yes," says Dr. McGinnis. "You can gain a healthy self-confidence."

I am very much aware that I have a very low self-esteem. Oh! Erase that... One of the things Dr. McGinnis mentioned in this book is to never look down yourself and never ever think that you have such problem in yourself. 

Dr. McGinnis also illustrated in this book to let go of the unwanted memories of the past and to forget and forgive. Some of us have issues with our parents right? Dr. McGinnis also said to forgive our parents and just look at the bright side. We may have commit something wrong or argue with our parents, they will just hope for our own sake, ALWAYS! We should love our parents a thousand times than they love us. Yes, they get annoying sometimes, but always remember that we are much more annoying than them but they never gave up on us. It is a big factor in gaining self-confidence.
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