Sunday, April 28, 2013

Laughter is The Best Medicine

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital last December (2012) because she has difficulties in breathing. We admitted her to Agusan del Norte Provincial Hospital. After few days of being confined, the doctor's finding is that her right lung is enlarged. Well, the truth is its old news for us. She was confined the hospital in Manila years ago with the same issue but was already gone and she started smoking again. That's probably why it came back. Well, Lola learned her lesson. She finally stopped smoking. But, she got weaker now. She can't even go to church by walking (and our church is just a walking distance from our house) since she easily gets tired that's why she has to be send off by a motorcycle.

She was in the hospital for one week and in that one week time, she never had a day without a guest. Her children, grandchildren and friends visited her. Well, I was her watcher then. I saw how everyone concerned for her and so am I. I love my Lola more than anything else in the world. One thing I noticed is that she never really had a good laugh with her guests while she was in the hospital. Well, it's never easy to laugh when you are the one confined, isn't it? She never had a good laugh, not until her eldest son came.

My lola, her daughter-in-law (eldest son's wife) and yours truly

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 3 - Your views on drugs and alcohol

Oh hi. Drugs and alcohol? It's one of the topic I am not at ease to discuss. No, not that I use drugs or I'm an alcoholic. I AM NOT ANY OF THOSE. I just don't really want to discuss about it. But, I will try to write something on how I feel about it here.

Well, drugs... I'm not a user. But I know some people who do. They become so dependent on drugs that they can't do anything without it. I pity them. I know, hey have their own personal reasons why they use drugs. I respect that, I just don't understand.

Alcohol, on the other side... can be tolerable, sometimes. They say people need alcohol in their body. Is that true? Well, to be honest, my father does have his dosage of alcohol after a day of hard work. He said he needs it to be able to sleep. I know, he is being dependent on alcohol too.

I just really don't know what should be my take about this topic. I don't feel too good to discuss about this. It hurts me in many ways knowing some people lives are being destroyed by drugs. I am just wondering why it is legal in some countries.

*Sigh* comments

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 2 - Where you would like to be in ten years

Photo grabbed

In ten years I'll be 29. I'm not afraid to reach that age, I will be thankful instead. Give me a second to think and imagine where would I be in ten years. Okay, maybe more than a second...

I am an ambitious person. I dream a lot and I work hard to achieve my dreams. I have lots of dreams that I, myself gets confuse sometimes which one to achieve first. Yea, that really happens.

There are times I want to be a teacher, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a mother(?!), a doctor, a nurse, a model (a Victoria Secret angel, maybe?), a successful webmaster (like Mark Zuckerberg. LOL) and a lot more.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 1 - Your current relationship, or how single life is

A bit relieved that the start of the 30-Day Writing Challenge is a safe topic for me. Me and my single life. I'm happy and contented with it, at least, for now. I'm not rushing things to get into a relationship. It'll probably just add complications to my very toxic working schedule.

I'm loving my freedom now. Well, there is really nothing to rush for me in getting into a relationship now. I'm still young. Nineteen is still young, isn't it? I've also already had my fair share of kiligness, happiness and broken heart for being in a relationship. That was years ago. My immature days. And I've learned my lesson already.


Monday, April 8, 2013

30-Day Writing Challenge

I admit, I rarely post in this blog nowadays. I have been really busy with my job and I'm trying to hit my March-April goals that's why I am exerting too much effort.  To be able to be active in this blog, I thought I needed a drive or motivation to write something here. I have many things to blog about but I can't seem to find the words to write for those things, so, it has to wait. I hope I can keep up with this blog challenge to keep this blog alive.

I saw Liesl of Pretty.Random.Things post about this and I told myself, why should I not give this a try. By the way, here are the topics for the 30-Day Writing Challenge:


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Open My Mind

Been really stress these days. I'm really sleep deprived too which causes more stress to me. I've been working 24 hours a day just to reach my quota for this month and I do hope I can make it. In everything that is happening right now, I became more emotionally disturbed. I get mad so easily, I cry often, and the list goes on and on. But one thing I realize, there's always something I can do about it. Read on and I hope you can understand what I am talking about.

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