Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Not Bad at Singing, I think

 Back in the days, when I was still a happy-go-lucky kind of person and I'm still not working full time... you can see me doing weird stuffs. Just like that video above. Yes, that's me singing like a chipmunk. I know what you're thinking there. I hear ya! 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lovely Pageant Dresses

Everyone knows that a major impact on the outcome of pageants is the pageant dresses. Choosing one of the finest Miss USA pageant dresses at is vital for guaranteeing that you have given the competitors in your pageant your best effort. In conjunction with the right dress, you should exude poise, elegance and self-confidence in your dress decision as it can be the deciding factor of how the judge ranks your performance overall. It is extremely essential you choose a dress that you will put on meticulously.

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Know What To Pack When Going on a Cruise Vacation

Cruising on the open sea can be both fun and relaxing. Cruise vacations are gaining in popularity as many people are discovering how enjoyable they can be. Packing for a cruise, however, is a totally different story. Cruisers are notorious for packing the wrong items for a pleasure cruise. By knowing what to pack, you will have a more enjoyable vacation.



Protect Your Gun Collection

Do you have a gun collection of which you are rather proud? Is buying nice guns, even if you do not use them for hunting, something of a hobby of yours? If so, your collection is probably worth quite a bit of money. A single gun could cost thousands of dollars on its own; in fact, some safari rifles cost as much as a new car. Even if you only have typical rifles and shotguns, though, you are probably going to pay at least $1,000 each.

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How Can a Wig Make a Difference in Men

If you are going to try to portray two different characters in a play, you have a lot of challenges ahead of you. You are going to have a harder workload than anyone else on the set. You will have twice as many lines to memorize and you will be on stage twice as often. This can make the experience taxing and exhausting, but pulling it off successfully could be one of the highlights of your career as an actor.

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Sell Online with Confidence

If you choose to Sell online with 1ShoppingCart, you will have a solid tool to help you battle one of the biggest challenges for online merchants: shopping cart abandonment. Sometimes a customer deserts a shopping cart or deletes the items in the cart because the customer did not have an intention to buy at the time he filled the cart. Some fill the cart simply to estimate postage or to bookmark items they want to come back to later. These are desertions that probably cannot be avoided.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 10 - Discuss your first love and first kiss

Ahhh! This is probably one of the most awkward post I have here. Yay! Talking about my first love and first kiss? Oh well, let's just get this started. 

I've had my first serious relationship when I was fifteen years old. He was eighteen. Those were the days where Facebook doesn't exist and Friendster is the talk of the town. When he courted me, I must admit I don't have any special feelings for him aside from being a friend but as the days pass by, I fell in love with him. He is God-fearing, a singer in their church, respectful and a real gentleman. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Trying to Sleep!

Most of you know that I work online. And as that said, I often stay awake during nighttime because of the time difference here in the Philippines and my employer from UK. Yes, I'm wide awake at night and sleeping like a vampire during the day. At first, I was cool with that.

Well, not until the boss has moved to Thailand which means Philippines is just one hour ahead. The working hours has changed. I am now working during the day and supposed to be sleeping at night. Well, too bad my sleeping isn't back to normal.


Pray All The Time

Pray all the time, reminding God of your needs.
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests...
Ephesians 6:18

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Must-Haves: Retro Glasses from Firmoo

A pair of vintage eyeglasses is somewhat the bravest choice that you could try on this summer. There is a popular believe that retro look is the most classical one when you make good use of it. Vintage eyeglasses are mixed with the standard and subdued colors. So they could easily get highlighted during a nighttime or in a crowd. Excitingly, you can find your First pair for free for vintage eyeglasses at


Promise Rings for Young Lovers

Young love is a wonderful thing. It's something you want to celebrate in a memorable manner. The gift of a promise ring is certainly one of the most impressive ways to show someone how special they are and how much you care about them and the bond the two of you share.

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