Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love Without Clinging

without clinging;
if you must---
but privately cry;
the heart will adjust
to the newness of loving
in practical ways:
and cooking
and sorting out clothes,
all say, "I love you,"
when lovingly done.

without clinging;
if you must---
but privately cry;
the heart will adjust
to the length of his stride,
the song he is singing,
the trail he must ride,
the tensions that make him
the man that he is,
the world he must face,
the life that is his.

without clinging;
if you must---
but privately cry;
the heart will adjust
to being the heart,
not the forefront of life;
a part of himself,
not the object---
his wife.


-Ruth Graham

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Its been ages since I updated this blog. Been quite busy at school and with some personal stuffs. I meet new friends, conquered my fears (a bit), learned something new and adjusted myself when needed. School is always been my greatest escapade from problems. I know some of you may not like or hate being at school, I feel you! I've been in that stage too, but my destiny is different. I need to be mature that early and should always first think about my family before myself. I understand that and never complained, but there are parts of me that are actually against it, but didn't listen to it.

Before, when I was in Cebu, I always run to my best friend. I always told her every piece of me, every pain I feel, every happiness, every tears and joy.. She's the one that understands me until we need to be apart!

Some of you find school so pressuring! But I like all the activities done in school, I feel free and so young! No pressures, no problems! Honestly, I have never thought that I'll have the chance to be in college, even my parents didn't expect it. But God is really good, He always finds way for us to be better and feel better..

Well, as of now our current lifestyle is fine even sometimes we have some misunderstandings we are still thankful for everything.

I am also very thankful for having such great friends. I may say they're the coolest, awesome-st, greatest and most understanding people I've ever meet. It may be still too early to give those kind of words, I believe in them.. Hope everything will just be fine in the future. Storms may pass, but I hope this friendship will last!

 I have some words for this guys! :)

                         You guys rocked ASC! :D

I'm very glad I've found friends like this!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Being A Student

After 2 years of staying at home and stopped schooling, I feel complete that I am now back in the circulation. I feel so young and free when I'm in school. Surrounded by crazy, funny young people like me is really awesome. I have personal problems (as always) but whenever I'm with my classmates, I forgot those damn problems and I just feel free. I've always wanted to be in school, I love to do assignments, activities, projects and many many more.. But the heck, the first week of school is so damn nerve-wacking for me!

doing assignments!
 Yea, I feel so damn nervous because those instructors looks so strict and fierce. Well, they really are! But I tried to handle myself to be calm. I've think if I won't calm down, I won't finish my studies and if I won't finish it, I'll probably be jobless in the future. I also told myself that soon enough, I will be get used to those instructors tiger looks.

So right now, I'll focus in my studies and will try my best to finish it even till the last drop of my blood (over!). HAHA!

I want to thank my sponsors:

MAMA: for my bag.
MANOY: for my tuition.
PAPA: for the school supplies.

and to my fans who keeps on supporting me through thick and thin. Thank you, you guys are awesome!

To my haters:
 Thanks guys! Just continue what you're doing, I'm loving it!! You're really making me F-A-M-O-U-S ... comments

Sunday, June 12, 2011

By Chance

Jamvhille and Paolinne Michelle, better known as the real life couple "JAMICH" opens their doors and gives you an inside look to their happy love/hate relationship. They're like your ideal relationship but just like others, they are not perfect. Adjusting to their similarities and differences, see how they cope and deal with everyday tribulations. An inspirational short film made by them as they share their views about love & life.

Watch their film in HD now! I'm really really sure this short film will inspire you and if you're in a relationship, you'll probably fall in love with your partner even more after watching this! Its worth watching guys, so watch it in HD now.

Jam & Mich.

Oh by the way, here's the music they play on their film which will make you fall in love even more. (100%)

Another video of JAMICH together. Its so sweet... so KILIG!!!

After watching the film, I hope you guys feel what I am feeling right now. I feel inspired, happy, my views in life became more positive and I realize that no need to rush things especially love. Love will come to you in the right time.. SO, when it comes and you feel its real, then don't ever ever let it go.

Sometimes it only takes a little spark, to change the meaning of your life.
But feeling's and emotion's change, love can sometimes turn numb or even be boring. Not all the time you are in for all it's happiness, sometimes you have to give in to it's BITTERNESS. You just have to be patient, by chance.
*Pictures credits to JAMICH PAGE*

Friday, June 10, 2011

Distance? Whatever.... There's SKYPE!

I have a friend everywhere in the world. But I have this sweetest friend from Denmark.. We always keep in touch and if possible we SKYPED everyday!

Me & Mathilde skyping
 Isn't she beautiful.. She's too sweet!!! Guess what? She said she'll help me to get to Denmark one day! LOL.... Its not impossible, right? I'm really looking forward for that day!

 I love you MATHIE. ♥ comments

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Dream Men

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom has always been my dream guys. I don't know, but the first time I saw a movie of each of them, I started to have crush on them! :P

The first movie I saw Brad Pitt was TROY and I find him really really hot there! Then I started collecting DVDs of his movies.. He's really great. Really, really great!

This is the man I admire first in the movie PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. He's funny, good actor and director.. He has that eye that really caught my attention. It's smoking hot and its like saying "I'm yours!" hahaha. (In my dreams!)

 I would really faint if one day this guy would come in front of me and held my hand and kiss it! HAHAHAHA!

This is the hottest guy I ever know who's alive! I forgot what movie I first saw him but all I know after that movie, he never get out of my mind. I've dream of him for some several nights..

Oh wow.. I'm pretty crazy about them! comments
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