Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nature Conservation


     Nature means Earth’s natural world. Conservation is to maintain, to protect, and to keep alive. In my understanding, Humans are part of Nature. Future generations will surely judge us with unimaginable harshness if we fail to address the coming global catastrophe. There’s this one remarkable quote by US President Theodore Roosevelt that says “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use our natural resources, but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or rob by wasteful use, the generations come after us.”

      Nature conservation is important because human lives depend on it. All of us can be conservationist. We all want to keep Earth safe, safe for the next generation right? Here are some thoughts that maybe will serves as our guide on conserving nature:

A) We need to make a significant dent in the climate change curve.
B) We need to defend our oceans by challenging water pollution and wasteful and destructive fishing.
C) We need to create a toxin free future with safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals.
D) We need to protect biodiversity.

E) We need to protect our rain forests. Rain-forests produce most of our oxygen. Rain forest plants grow the cure for many illnesses. Rainforests regulate our climate. If rain forests are destroyed billions of living beings will die.
B*S*B works hard to protect all forests on Earth and the animals, plants and people that depend on them.
We campaign for sustainable agriculture. Emissions reductions and increases in the use of energy-efficient technologies are strongly needed.
F) Conservation of local flora, fauna and natural habitats through offering conservation advice on development proposals, planning strategies and environmental impact assessment, law enforcement, research and implementing biodiversity conservation plans.
G) Conducting regular ecological surveys to take inventory and update the status of biodiversity assets to establish an ecological database.
Soil conservation is important to make sure that we have the land
we need to live on.
H) We need to fight soil erosion to protect our future food supplies. Erosion control can be done with grass, mulch or plants. If you see something that's making the soil sick, do everything you can to make the soil healthy again. If you live on a farm, make sure that the soil on your fields and pastures stays right where it is right now!

Erosion control is very important, because it helps to conserve water!
Water conservation is needed for a growing population!

Climate change is among the most pervasive threats to the Earth today.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Note to God - Charice

If I wrote a note to God
I would speak what's in my soul
I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away
For love to overflow.

If I wrote a note to God
I'd pour my heart out on each page
I'd ask for war to end
And for peace to mend this world.

I'd say, I'd say, I'd say
Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love 'cause love is overdue
And it seems like so much is goin' wrong
On this road we're on.

If I wrote a note to God
I would say please help us find our way
End all the bitterness
Put some tenderness in our hearts.

I'd say, I'd say, I'd say
Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love 'cause love is overdue
And it looks like we haven't got a clue.

Need some help from you
Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
'Cause it seems like so much is goin' wrong
On this road we're on.

No, no, (no...)
We can't do it on our own
So, so...

(Give us the strength to make it through)Us...
... (Help us find love 'cause love is overdue)
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help...

(Grant us)Grant us the faith to carry on...
Hoping it seems all hope is gone
Coz it seems like so much is goin' wrong
On this road we're on.

No, no, (no...)
We can't do it on our own
(So, ) so...

If I wrote a note to God...

This song is very powerful. The lyrics contained all what I wanted to say.. It is indeed a note to God! Charice, you are such an inspiration to many! I am proud to be a Filipino because of people like you! 

*Lyrics Credits* comments

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Artistic Nails

I really wonder how those amazing women design their nails.It looks so amazing! I freakin' love looking at it..
I've tried it myself sometime before but I failed. I'm not really that artistic, that's why I'm already happy seeing people happy of their creations!

I always rely to our "manicurista." I only know how to clean and remove my cuticles but designing it even the simple one, I still failed! I'm just so proud that my finger nails looks good enough and very presentable. So,this is how my nails looks like few weeks ago. I haven't change it as of now since I've been busy with school stuff.
I envy my Aunty because she can change her nail designs anytime she want. She's very artistic in it! Oh, by the way, you can view here designs in her blog site called: Maris' Nail Arts.

One day, when she comes home.. I will definitely ask her to make some designs for my nails! Hope you guys enjoy her designs! :) comments

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Angel and Friend

I never thought that I would find
a friend so great and a friend so kind
I look up to you in every way
Because I learn something from you every day.

Without you I don't know where I'd be
but you're still here, friends with me
you deserve so much more than I can give
but without you I wouldn't live.

You've given me more than money can buy
and for you I'd give my all and I would die
This feeling I feel gets stronger every day
hoping not to screw it up, I constantly pray.

I know we have our problems every now and then
but once it's fixed our friendship is better times ten
and I want you to know that I truly do care
even in fights when I say things that aren't fair.

You're an angel from God up above
and I'm thankful for your understanding love
because when you're around everything seems right
and for you, until the end, I will fight.

It doesn't matter what you do or say
because you'll be my friend anyway
I know the real you that's down deep inside
and in you, I'll always confide.

Thanks for being the friend you are
you're my best friend, an angel by far
everything in you is an inspiration to do great
and you'll be loved by all cause that's your fate!

So never stop being the real and wonderful you
cause God shines through in all that you do
and whenever it seems like I'm never there
remember this: I love you and I'll always care!

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