Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Artistic Nails

I really wonder how those amazing women design their nails.It looks so amazing! I freakin' love looking at it..
I've tried it myself sometime before but I failed. I'm not really that artistic, that's why I'm already happy seeing people happy of their creations!

I always rely to our "manicurista." I only know how to clean and remove my cuticles but designing it even the simple one, I still failed! I'm just so proud that my finger nails looks good enough and very presentable. So,this is how my nails looks like few weeks ago. I haven't change it as of now since I've been busy with school stuff.
I envy my Aunty because she can change her nail designs anytime she want. She's very artistic in it! Oh, by the way, you can view here designs in her blog site called: Maris' Nail Arts.

One day, when she comes home.. I will definitely ask her to make some designs for my nails! Hope you guys enjoy her designs! :) comments

1 comment :

papaleng said...

hindi ba mahirap mangulangot , kapag ganyan ang nails mo> LOL just kidding. nice post.

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