Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week in Pictures 2 (September 24 to September 30, 2012)

You do things when the opportunities come along. I've had periods in my life when I've had a bundle of ideas come along, and I've had long dry spells. If I get an idea next week, I'll do something. If not, I won't do a damn thing.

~ Warren Buffett


Monday, perhaps one of the busiest days of the week. I did a lot of things last Monday. A lot of orders came in which means more pressures and stress. So, before starting everything... I watched some random guys play ball just outside my window. I enjoyed it and smiled before starting everything which feels really great. He he he! They're not really good players. (lol) I was laughing than smiling, actually.


Tuesday, September 25th... It was my youngest sister's 5th birthday. I was only able to give her a cake on her birthday since my salary was delayed and I promised her I'd make it up to her once I have it. I better not fail! This girl has a good memory and she'll confront me if I won't do what I promised. 


I got myself the September issue of Candy magazine. A bit late, yes. But, it isn't my fault!!! It's whether the magazine stand is still close when I go there or it is already closed. Totally not my fault. But honestly, One Direction here looks amazing plus Ivan Dorschner on the mini magazine, such a boy next door. 


Expect the unexpected. Just the week before last week, I was diagnosed that I have stage 2 adrenal cancer and I freaked out, big time. I never expected it! The doctor suggested me I should undergo a surgery called Laparoscopic Surgery to remove the cancer cell in my adrenal for it won't spread in my entire body and get worst. It wasn't that easy especially I do not have the budget. It really has to be urgent actually, or else it'll move to stage 3. I actually have 3 choices: chemo, radiation therapy and the surgery (which is the easiest, they say). Right after I found out that I have this illness, I just didn't mind it and let it be but my boss and his wife convinced me. They preach me! They told me what would my family do if I gave up and what if this surgery is my chance to live longer and healthy. After hours of talk, I was convinced. They'll paid everything! Tell me how lucky I am to have such employers! So, Thursday night, I found myself in a hospital bed in St. Lukes Medical Center in Taguig.


This is the day!!! The photo was taken before the surgery begun. The photo has some fisheye effect. Dave's (my employer's right hand) camera has a fisheye lens which is so cool. By the way, Dave came from Thailand and just came in the Philippines that day to check on me as what he was instructed by the big bosses and paid the bills in advance too and he left back to Thailand right after the surgery. That's my executive suite while I was in St. Lukes Medical Center. The room has its own fridge and microwave plus a computer with free internet and even a printer scanner. Well, I had no energy for any of that, but if you're in business and stuck in a hospital, I suppose they would come in handy. Before starting the surgery, I was given x-rays, CT scans, extensive blood tests and a team of 5 doctors. The surgery took 3 to 4 hours. It started around 8 am and finished around 12 pm according to the attending nurse. Thank God the surgery was successful.


Saturday afternoon, I was already discharged from the hospital.When I checked out, I was given a list of all the attending doctors, with their contact numbers and a full list of prescriptions with concise instructions on how and when to take them. The nurses and all the staffs were so friendly and made me feel comfortable as possible under the circumstances.


Finally, I was home by Sunday. Acted like no surgery happened since I didn't let my parents know about my condition. I don't know how I managed it, but I did. They only knew I left for Manila for some business meetings and conference for five days and which only took three days. Of course, there was no business meetings or conference. It was just my alibi. My estimate of days to stay in the hospital is five days but since I was discharged early, I got home earlier than expected. I just told them the other meetings and conferences were canceled. I hope God forgive me for lying! I just did it because I do not want them to worry. I knew deep inside myself the day I found out about my illness that I can make it just like those kids who survived cancer. I am strong, at least some part of myself believe it. So, I did and I'm glad I did. I am still suffering by the pains but I take my meds on time and secretly. My family are happy as they really are and that makes me happy. They have too much problems too focus onto and I know I can handle mine.

I am happy with my new life. My faith helped me fight it. I believe that I am a brave girl. 

Ahhh! Life is amazing! This trip to the hospital made me realize that our time on Earth is precious and I am making a lot of changes to my daily life and my own attitude towards certain things as well.  I am glad to be alive and each and every moment is a gift that I will treasure.





ma.emely vercide said...

I'm happy that you made it, Marie. When I first saw your picture on Facebook, I was really worried. I understand why you made those alibi, you don't want your family to worry. You're a brave woman. That's all I can say. Just keep your Faith, Pray and stay happy. I'm always here as your Ate. Gob Bless you always!

Aileen said...

Sis, just an older sister's unsolicited advise here: You should always let your parents know about important things like these. Do not deny them the right to know and to take care of their daughter. I'd be very hurt if I were your mom.

Am just glad you got through the procedure and you're now recovering.

Ria Cervantes said...

May God heal you Marie and continue to hang in faith that He is the ultimate healer. Also, just my 2 cents, I think your parents should know. I know it will be difficult for them but they should stand by you as you go through treatment and be their pillars of support.

God bless and have a speedy recovery.

cHeErFuL said...

Great to know you've made it and the whole procedure is done...I am sure everything's fine now at your end. :) Oh, I admire you, you're so strong...I can't imagined myself going through that without my family on my side. God bless you always! visiting from Comment Exchange Activity of FBF, see you around. :)

Gee said...

I am glad you are at home now and have a fast recovery. Be Blessed and stay brave.

louiseinthehouse said...

Marie, I salute you for being brave enough to face these trials. Praying for you.


Jennie said...

You are so blessed to have such generous employers! May the Lord bless them back tenfold! Get well soon! May your health be fully restored! :)

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing your story... you're very fortunate, because you know that God is always with you. There are times when we go through trials in life and health issues like this can be one of them. Get well soon and stay strong for your family :)

papaleng said...

Bunso ,alam mong may tampo ako sa iyo since. St Luke's is just an hour drive from our place, Never mo akong kinontak, Oks lang, at least you're fine now. Pero bunso, never again to conceal sensitive situations away from your parents. Bad yun.

Dhemz said...

oh, my! get some rest...get well soon...:)

Momgen Reviews said...

Wow I also salute of your bravery so strong woman. Get well soon dear... said...

what a strong woman... God will surely bless you always po. cheers to your fast recovery.. :)

Lainy said...

OMG! I never knew about this, Marie! You are such a tough girl for doing everything by your lonesome. Good thing you have a very kind and good- hearted employer. It's rare to find such kind of bosses. How are you doing now? How was the ailment discovered? Were there symptoms? Sorry for the queries. You are such a young, active girl. And a very responsible daughter to your family. God will always take care of His faithful children so just pray without ceasing. He is our ultimate Healer. I am glad the surgery was a success. Please keep us updated. You'll be in my prayers.

Aileen said...

How's the recovery going? Good, I hope. By the way, how were you diagnosed with this disease? What triggered the discovery? Ano findings dun sa biopsy?

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