Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PayPal to GCash Made Easier by InstaCash

Are you looking for ways to cash out your funds from PayPal to Globe GCash in minutes? Well, I found the easiest way for that. Interested? Just keep reading.

I've received a payment in my PayPal account from one of my blog sponsors last week. Just a little amount and I really need it so bad by Monday (yesterday) to pay my registration fee for Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) of Php500.00 through GCash. And around Friday last week, I read a post of  Mile High Mother about her experience in cashing out her PayPal funds in minutes and so, I got curious.

I contacted InstaCash right after I read and left a comment on Ate Rovie's blog post. I asked if they do transactions with Land Bank account holders like me. But, unfortunately, they don't. They only transact with EON card holders. Then, I remembered that my Globe prepaid phone is registered with Globe GCash. I asked InstaCash again if they transact from PayPal to GCash, and yes, they do! :)

But, I have to wait until Sunday then because they ran out of funds in their GCash account. And it's okay for me since I only need the funds on Monday.

When they have loaded their GCash, they text me that they have funds already and can do the transaction any moment I am ready. I've sent my PayPal funds to their PayPal account first and I informed them. After few minutes, I received another text that my GCash has received funds.
Easy, right? Their 24/7 online and very, very legit! :) If I need rush withdrawals in the future, I'll definitely transact with InstaCash.

Plus, they're transaction fees are very reasonable.

Their transaction rates are the following:

3,000 below == 150php

3,000 - 4,999k == 250php

5,000 - 7,499 == 365php
7,500 - 9,999 == 450php
10,000 - 12,999 == 600php
13,000 up == starts with 850php then additional 150php for every 1k
14,000 == 950php
15,000 == 1,100php
16,000 == 1,250php
17,000 == 1,400php

I didn't regret and I'm very happy that I did transact with them. 

*I am not paid for this post, it is my own will to write this because I am really happy about my experience with them and would just like to share it to my fellow bloggers who need rush withdrawals from their PayPal accounts. 



Rhodora said...

Hello Marie,

This is a very helpful information. I'm surprised though that Landbank never granted your request to withdraw money through them. Is your Landbank account connected to your Paypal account? If it is, there's no need to call Landbank: you just do the transaction online. Matagal nga lang, 4-5 banking days. I'm glad there's GCash or Instacash as alternative.

papaleng said...

I am so sure bunso, na -solve na ang problem mo. This is a very helpful information.

Chubskulit Rose said...

It's nice that there's a great alternative aside from your bank.

KC said...

InstaCash? dami na talagang bago sa Pinas.. I also use Paypal pero pagbibili lang online.. It's good to know something like this para pag bakasyon namin jan, pwede ko pala ilipat pera ko from PayPal para magamit.. =)

Cher said...

i am quite new to all these instacash and gcash but it sounds like a great help for paypal account holders like me. thanks for the info, might need it in the near future. :)

Claire said...

It's good that Rovs was able to help you out:)If I were still there I would've opted the same thing. My paypal moolah goes to my online shopping :)

Teresa Martinez said...

This is very important information for those concerned. It helps to know that there are other options to dong things.

Rcel said...

I got to connect with the InstaCash manager via Facebook because I was interested with their service and soon, I will be able to use them for my remittance.

mhie@smarlk said...

Never use GCash yet, but this is a helpful info, thanks for sharing.

lencilicious said...

It's good to know that there's another way to transfer money from paypal. Nice share bunso.

Swexie said...

Good review! I haven't had a transaction with Instacash yet but I have contacted them several times ago and have in fact recommended their services to some of my friends. Good to know that they have a lot of happy customers.

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