Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Printing Memories with HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515

I have a new found hobby! Well, taking pictures is a given fact for a blogger like me. I can't blog without a picture in each post because, it feels dry. No matter how nonsense my post is, there should be a picture in it whether it is my own captured image or taken from the web, I always make sure that there's an image in it :)

I consider buying a new printer because of my siblings. They always have projects that needs to be printed almost every week and I realized it's expensive to go downtown, look for an internet cafe who offers printing services. Imagine the fare, plus the printing fee they pay.

So, I went to Interpace Gaisano Mall Butuan and saw this HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515 for Php. 2,915. I was originally looking for a printer that has continuous ink system, but they are way beyond my budget, so I chose this printer that has cartridge ink system. I was actually having second thoughts because I was afraid that the ink cartridge is expensive but the saleslady assured that the ink cartridge for this printer is only Php. 390 so I bought it.

It doesn't only print , but it also scan and copy! :) Amazing, right?

It has become very useful in our household now, especially for me. In my job, I have to scan documents every once in a while so I feel relieved that I have my own scanner now and I don't have to go to the downtown to do it. Less hassle for me. Yay! One downside though, I can't scan legal sizes documents. It won't fit in the scanner! :(

Yesterday (February 18, 2014), My mom came home with a handful of photo paper (4R in size) that she bought for Php. 20. I tested to print pictures and my, they turn out really good and I can't stop printing. Hahaha!

I'm looking forward for more memories to be printed with my HP Deskject Ink Advantage printer. comments


Mhie said...

I agree with you. Photos adds-up the value on our post. Having a quality images is so important.

nova hedges said...

oh that's the cheapest way for you to save money with printing precious pictures.

jo-anne said...

I also use HP printer and it's a good thing their ink cartridges are very affordable.

betchai said...

I seldom use our printer, in fact, I have to remind myself to use it in fear of the ink getting dry, :(

it's great indeed to have a printer with multi-functions, glad you are enjoying them, and yes, scanning is such a need for the students

Teresa Martinez said...

I have a similar printer and I have to say it is serving me and my family well.

Rcel said...

I don't print my own photos from our all-in-one printer because the paper is so expensive. But it always comes in handy when there is a need to really print one. Isn't it awesome how these technology products have evolved for good for our benefits? :)

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