Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Definitely a Dog Person

Guilt reminds me
of a stray

You chase it away
and yet,
it comes back
when you least
expect it.

If you let yourself
feel pity for it and
feel the thing,
it parks its ugly,
on your doormat

Mom and Dad
watch me
write notes
to myself
and stick them
around the house.

Joy, Not Sorrow

Laughter, Not Tears

Life, Not Death

They smile at me.
They got the letter.
They understand.

kitty cat,
I don't need you
sitting around here
like that.


jo said...

Aww.. What a nice way to express guilt into text. I wouldn't have thought of making a poem about it. But this is just as emotional as it gets! Guilt really haunts like a stray cat. ;D

papaleng said...

Nice way to play with words. Teach me how to construct a poem like this. So concise yet emotion-filled. Ano ba pinag-uusapan dito aso o pusa. Whah.. di ko ma-gets.

jo-anne said...

I love the last few lines. lol. Perfect rhyming word! Great job, Marie

Chubskulit Rose said...

Naks naman super makata ka talaga Marie, nicely done!

Eileen said...

Nice one Marie. It makes me read between the lines to catch the message you wanted to impart in the poem. It is really true that sometimes guilt feelings can haunt you like crazy.

betchai said...

love your poem Marie, yes, don't let the kitty scat sit around near you :)

Ria C said...

Bunso, I didn't know you are a poet and this is one profound poem. I had to read it thrice to really understand what you're telling the readers. It's very symbolical and at the same time, your play on words is simple but captivating. I love the rhyming but more so, I love the message of how guilty feelings (and conscience) can actually make you think and behave accordingly.

Algene said...

I love this piece. It's beautiful :) And I love how you ended it.

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