Sunday, June 19, 2011

Being A Student

After 2 years of staying at home and stopped schooling, I feel complete that I am now back in the circulation. I feel so young and free when I'm in school. Surrounded by crazy, funny young people like me is really awesome. I have personal problems (as always) but whenever I'm with my classmates, I forgot those damn problems and I just feel free. I've always wanted to be in school, I love to do assignments, activities, projects and many many more.. But the heck, the first week of school is so damn nerve-wacking for me!

doing assignments!
 Yea, I feel so damn nervous because those instructors looks so strict and fierce. Well, they really are! But I tried to handle myself to be calm. I've think if I won't calm down, I won't finish my studies and if I won't finish it, I'll probably be jobless in the future. I also told myself that soon enough, I will be get used to those instructors tiger looks.

So right now, I'll focus in my studies and will try my best to finish it even till the last drop of my blood (over!). HAHA!

I want to thank my sponsors:

MAMA: for my bag.
MANOY: for my tuition.
PAPA: for the school supplies.

and to my fans who keeps on supporting me through thick and thin. Thank you, you guys are awesome!

To my haters:
 Thanks guys! Just continue what you're doing, I'm loving it!! You're really making me F-A-M-O-U-S ... comments


papaleng said...

Go! Go! Go! you can do it edz..

Christ4Thailand said...

Isa lang sulosyon jan sa mga tiger looking instructors...tapunan mo din ng GORILLA look..tignan nating kung di yan kumaripas ng takbo..watahhhhhh!!

Seriouly speaking though,
It's fun and i know you can handle it :)

Macherie said...

haters talaga? lol

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