Sunday, June 12, 2011

By Chance

Jamvhille and Paolinne Michelle, better known as the real life couple "JAMICH" opens their doors and gives you an inside look to their happy love/hate relationship. They're like your ideal relationship but just like others, they are not perfect. Adjusting to their similarities and differences, see how they cope and deal with everyday tribulations. An inspirational short film made by them as they share their views about love & life.

Watch their film in HD now! I'm really really sure this short film will inspire you and if you're in a relationship, you'll probably fall in love with your partner even more after watching this! Its worth watching guys, so watch it in HD now.

Jam & Mich.

Oh by the way, here's the music they play on their film which will make you fall in love even more. (100%)

Another video of JAMICH together. Its so sweet... so KILIG!!!

After watching the film, I hope you guys feel what I am feeling right now. I feel inspired, happy, my views in life became more positive and I realize that no need to rush things especially love. Love will come to you in the right time.. SO, when it comes and you feel its real, then don't ever ever let it go.

Sometimes it only takes a little spark, to change the meaning of your life.
But feeling's and emotion's change, love can sometimes turn numb or even be boring. Not all the time you are in for all it's happiness, sometimes you have to give in to it's BITTERNESS. You just have to be patient, by chance.
*Pictures credits to JAMICH PAGE*


papaleng said...

good post here, anak..

Macherie said...

bumabakas lang..=)

Maria Teresa Guanlao said...

Nice blog bunso,with ads na ha,happy for you! :)

Ima Vee said...

i've watched it a month ago... medyo natatawa pa kami nang mga classmates ko at first kasi medyo waley daw yung act but then patagal nang patagal, di na namin napansin, we were focused na lang sa story line which is very amazing... hehehe, nice theme song pa... :)

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