Friday, January 25, 2013

Home For The Holidays

What could be the best gift for Christmas and New Year other than going home and celebrating it with your loving family, right?

Well, I am very thankful that I was given the chance to be with them for the holidays... It's probably one of the holidays ever because, everyone was present and we were all sharing the story of how year 2012 has been with each of us.

Noche Buena!!! DIG IN! :)

Before the clock ticks to 12 midnight, our whole family started gathering in our humble dining abode and started sharing random stories, and we had our Noche Buena when the clock ticks to 12 midnight.

One of our simple bits for Noche Buena! :)

The little kids had their little dance numbers to start the fun! :)

Then they had their parlor games hosted by one of my cousins.

The kids were also given their prices by my uncle and they form a line. 

Right after their prices, my cousin started doing the exchange gifts which mostly contains foods like chocolates, chips, candies and etc. 

On the morning of 25th, we visited our loved ones who passed away in the cemetery... It's a family tradition of ours to visit them every time there's a celebration.. We still feel like they are still present. They will not be forgotten.

Then, we're off to the beach.

On New Year's Eve... It was pretty much the same like on Christmas Eve but more fun because more relatives came! :)

New Year's Eve! ♥
I am sooooooo thankful that me and my family were gathered on the holidays. I'll be looking forward for more like this in the future! :) comments


Chubskulit Rose said...

That's what I have been missing every year. Even though we don't have a lot back home, it still a great feeling as all the family are together celebrating.

Rcel said...

I am so envious! I have been wishing to spend the holidays with my own family back in CDO. With them, everything is amazing.

You have beautiful pictures, sis! I can tell it was indeed a great holiday break for you!

papaleng said...

Happy all-together bunso. Ayos ang jump shot mo.

betchai said...

so true, nothing beats celebration spent with family, and i love your tradition, of visiting relatives who passed away as part of your celebration, and how you celebrated too, games, beach, just a great way of family bonding.

Teresa Martinez said...

Your family obviously enjoyed your time together. This is what having a family is all about.

Dhemz said...

I so agree...:) look how much fun the kids had...:)

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