Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Aaron Baker - My Web Crush

Hi everyone. I know, it's been a while! I've been away from blogging for a month (whole December) because, I've been busy moving out, preparing for the holidays and spending much more time with the family. I guess this is my come back! ;)

So, I want you guys to meet my web crush, Aaron Baker. He's one of the guys I usually watch in YouTube. I love watching phone showdowns, reviews, and phone/gadget unboxings, and Aaron is the best guy when it comes to that.

Photo grabbed from
He previously worked as an Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog for four years, if I am not mistaken and now, just this January 2nd (2013), he is now the Senior Executive Editor of Mobile at TechnoBuffalo. He is a ten-year veteran in the wireless industry, and has worked for the four nationwide wireless carriers in America.

I like him because, he loves his craft so much and he is into gadgets and so I am (I just don't own much). I first found him on YouTube while I was searching for a video, comparing iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3 later last year.

He talks really good. From that moment on, I knew this guy is smart. I looked for his page on Facebook and liked it.

He inspires me in the most strict sense of the word. (^_^)

I think I'll still be following updates about him in TechnoBuffalo, because I did when he was still in PhoneDog! :) He is one of a kind and one thing I'd really like to say is; his girlfriend is so lucky to have him. LUCKY!



anney said...

Ang gwaping naman ng crush mo na yan! Happy 2013 Marie!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Definitely a handsome fella and a successful one too.

papaleng said...

Thw who? hindi ko talafa siya kilala, Bue in fairness, tao siya. LOL

Rcel said...

Haha! This is a nice post for a comeback! So refreshing to see a gwapo face featured here! :D

betchai said...

hmmm, beauty and brains, i am with you, his girlfriend would be LUCKY!!

lencilicious said...

cute nga sya girl. said...

i can only wish to be like him... lol

he's got his craft on the go talaga.. galing.. :)


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