Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meteor Garden series will air again!

Oh boy! I am happy and excited when I learned that Meteor Garden will air in ABS-CBN again this summer. Before the Korean craze, this was the very first one that caught my attention. This series made me love Taiwan and dreamed of living and working there one day. How crazy is that? I am smiling while writing this! :D

F4 and Shan Cai // Photo not mine.
I first wrote about this as a status in Facebook, but then I got carried away and the post got long so I thought of posting it here instead! ;) 

Anyway, how could I ever forget Meteor Garden? The F4? Shan Cai? Oh no, I can't! They have been a very special part of my childhood. When it first aired here in The Philippines, I was in the fourth grade. It was a big hit! The talk of the town. Young and old! 

I can still remember rushing home after school just to catch the daily episodes. I can still remember how my late grandfather (Lolo T.) scolded me for not blinking my eyes while watching it and how much waste of electricity and time it is. Oh Lolo! I miss how stingy you can get! :)

I also remember that I'll skip recess so I can save my daily school allowance just to buy those F4 and Shan Cai posters and cards.

And oh, how can I ever forget the day when Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si) first visited the country? It's like the President's proclamation. There were so many people in the airport who are so eager to see him in personal. The number of people who went to see Jerry Yan for the first time was multiplied when the rest of the F4 and Shan Cai herself came to the country for a concert. I was so young back then and can't afford to go to Manila and see that concert. But, it was document and aired in the local television.

Then, the dream of going to Taiwan and living there started. Taiwan is so beautiful, you know! Even though things has change over the years, my dream of visiting Taiwan still stands. One day! :) 

I find it funny and amusing how Filipinos then started copying Dao Ming Si and the rest of the F4. The hairstyles and getup... oh boy!

This is the first Asianovela I fell in love with. No regrets. I am so excited for the series to start again! 

Meteor Garden will air in the Kapamilya Network (ABS-CBN) and Jeepney TV starting March 31, 2014.


Juliana said...

I've heard that many Pinoys got addicted with the show. The story must really be entertaining and engaging.

jo-anne said...

I'm also looking forward to watching this show again! *kilig much

nova hedges said...

I love that Korean series too when i was in college 15 years ago, boy!!! good they will re-play it again.

Sheng Apuhin said...

it was in my college days when this show airs. I remember my History teacher is kilig na kilig with this show. She is the one who update date. especially the kissing moment...hahaha

Eileen said...

OMG Marie! You had me giggling like a teenager! I loved this taiwanese series! I loved ALL their series! Would you believe that I watched all their concerts here? To think I was with my teen-aged daughter then. We were screaming alternately. She loved Zhou You Min (Vic Zhou) and I went nuts over Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry Yan). I worked in Taiwan and would you believe I lived a few blocks away from the apartment of Vic Zhou in Tao-Yuan? Haaayyy... I will blog about this too. Feels so good to relive those days. :))))))

Jessica Cassidy said...

Oh!I bet it is an awesome show by the way you describe it Sis Marie
:-) I am not into Korean and no clue at all :-) Have fun Sis :-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

I remember watching this show years ago lol.

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