Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birthday Celebration The Filipino Way; MANYANETA

Last July 11, 2013 was my grandmother's 81st birthday. We are all thankful that she reached this age. Since we don't have much budget to celebrate her birthday bonggaciously (in short bongga), all her children and grandchildren decided to just wake her up early in the morning, singing, all of us! We called it Manyaneta.

As early as 3:00 in the morning, the young ones like me (grandchildren) are already busy preparing our songs, flowers and different ideas to make her happy. While my aunts and uncles (her children) are also preparing for the morning snacks like, coffee, breads, puto cheese and the little cake that we have for her.

We already started singing around 3:30 in the morning. My cousin, Neil lead us with the songs... I forgot what the title of the song is, but it's in the Visayan dialect.

After a while, our aunts and my mom joined us singing...

My mom in blue top, my grandma's sister and her SIL.
And my flower for her! :)

After the song is almost finished, the birthday celebrant opened the door with a big smile and believe me, seeing her smile is just very priceless for me. I love her so much. And by the way, she danced graciously!

The birthday celebrant
She also danced with her eldest son and daughter and she got emotional! Love, love, love.

We all then came in to her house and sang "Happy birthday..." and we all convey our birthday messages to her. I cried when I said mine... She cried too and for the first time, I've told her face-to-face the words I LOVE YOU. Not that I didn't love her before, I wasn't just that much expressive before like I am now.

The morning walkers! :D
And of course, our little handa...

Thanks to our eldest cousin for the cake! ;) By the way,
it should be 81st not 81th. LOL.
It was a fun gathering with the family even though we didn't have much to offer on that day. A day worth to be thankful for. Every day is THANKFUL day! ♥

So, have you guys tried manyaneta during any of your loved one's birthday? :) If yes, how was it? :) comments


e Joops said...

I miss that kind of family gathering. It is so different here.

betchai said...

this is the kind of birthday celebration i would wish to have if i grow that old and not a "bonggacious one". i too like your lola would cry from happiness, this is the best birthday gift one person could ever have, everyone in the immediate family serenading her happy birthday and greeting her one at a time.

Pepper Tan said...

I'm sure your grandma won't ever forget that birthday celebration. She definitely felt special and loved on that day- and everyday, I guess :)

Rcel said...

I miss doing manyaneta back home. We always do that every time someone is having a birthday. Actually, today is my older sister's birthday and I miss the manyaneta that my family did to her.

Happy birthday to your Lola! What a grand age she has reached! More blessings of good health to her!

Anna said...

This still happens mostly among members of church groups and local communities.

kulasa said...

what a sweet birthday surprise for your lovely lola :) I can feel her happiness and so admire your family for your thoughtfulness and the sampaguita flowers for her too and she must have been so happy dancing again....may your family be always blessed :)

Cheerful said...

I've heard about this but never seen nor experience one, I wish someday! :) And sis, this is so nice...I would love to have birthday like this where every special one in my life would be there! :) I can feel the love among the family and the happiness in your Lola's face. This post made me missed my own Lola, I am a Lola's girl as everyone in the family says! :) Happy Birthday to Lola and may she enjoy wonderful days of her life.

E. said...

Wow! That one is memorable! ♥

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