Saturday, June 1, 2013

My First Swimming Pool Experience

When I was a little girl, my late grandfather used to asked me what I want. Back then, we have a big and very spacious backyard. As my response, I told my Lolo that I want a swimming pool with a slide and he just laughs. Well, my Lolo is well-known in our town because he is a good carpenter, gardener and an artist.

He planned about the swimming pool like what I have told him but months later, he died and left us. Years later, I have felt in my heart that I still wanted to have my own swimming pool but too bad, we don't have our own house anymore. The spacious backyard is not ours anymore.

And just earlier this year, my cousins who's father just got home from Cebu decided to treat me, my brother and some cousins to a small exclusive swimming pool resort in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte. It's called Aquavista Waterfun Resort.

in the little pool... first picture! Jane, me and Quinn. 

Walang pagsidlan ng tuwa. That's how I can describe my feeling at that very moment. I am so happy that finally, after 19 years, I have dip myself in pool.

My cousins are even laughing at me because they think I'm just holding back my emotion. LOL.

It was really fun. Except the fact that, I can't really swim. I just enjoyed watching them having fun as well.

The J Brothers... who treated us!
J and Jane... about to jump
Whoaaaaa! The child in me.
Just on the shallow side of the pool. Quinn and I.
By the way, we went there around seven in the evening and we went out quarter to twelve.

Breaky-breaky... Ariel and me.
Ariel, me, Quinn and Jane.
I almost drowned, seriously!
Solo pic din pag may time.
Epic jump! Ariel, Clerk, Quinn, Jay and Justine.
Group picture!
Can you imagine how noisy we were? Hahaha. We are soooooo noisy! We are the only people in the resort and the pool is ours during that time. We really did made the best out of it.

Oh God! Epic face.
I dared myself. LOL. Scary much???
We goin' home.
We actually didn't go home that night. We had a sleepover with our Aunt which home is just a walking distance from the resort.

It was an amazing experience. Me and my cousins bonded so much. I'm so thankful.

The entrance fee in Aquavista Waterfun Resort is just Php. 60 :) comments


Marri Bermudez said...

Like you, I just enjoy staying outside the swimming pool and watch because of two reasons:

(1) I don't know how to swim and
(2) I can't remove my contact lenses because if I do, I will drown. Hahahaha!! :D

Vernz@ Woman Elan Vital said...

you seem to be really enjoying your pool adventure... it's been a while since my last pool dip ... not that I don't know how to swim but because ang laki na ng tiyan ko di na maganda sa mata ang bilbil... :)

Teresa Martinez said...

For this summer, our family had that the rare chance to go swimming thrice upon the invitation of friends and relatives. Now that's a record for our family.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh what a sweet treat! Looks like a lot of fun has had by all.

Quima said...

Oh, it made me think of my desire to have my own pool in my own house too. But I know it's costly and mahal pa ang maintenance. So I think, I'll just be going to a resort more often. :)

papaleng said...

Hard to believe na first time mo lang sa pool. Just asking, bakit lahat ng photos are colored except doon sa 'daring' shot mo. send me na lang sa akin yung colored photo nito bunso. ;)

Marie Dee said...

Paps naman. Di pa nasanay. Lam mo namang shy ang beauty ko! hehehe. Ganyan talaga B&W para intense.

Mari Bella said...

Aw :-) you guys look you enjoyed the activity. I love swimming too.

Cheerful said...

wow, that's nice...and i can see your happiness in the picture! :) it reminds me of my swimming adventures when I was highschool. our family loves to swim, pagpunta mo dito sa Bkk...swimming tayo dito sa bahay! :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time in the pool :-) It is scary but at the same time swimming is fun. You just have to know your limits :-)

Anna said...

Actually I prefer pools over beaches coz you can do it indoors without the heat of the sun. Hahaha, talk about vanity of burning the skin :D

Algene said...

I love it when the resort does not have many guests! It makes me and my friends enjoy the outing more :)

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