Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Different Fragrance Every Occasion

Perfume, cologne, and toilet water are each a kind of fragrance. Perfume (or as the French say, parfum) is the most intense. Because perfume can be so intense, a light touch is needed. But perfume can range from an everyday sweet scent to light floral notes to dramatic and sensual tones. The occasion will dictate the choice.

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Cologne is less intense but with variations just like perfume. Cologne can be worn day or evening. Toilet water is light and subtle, and is appropriate just about any time. Both men and women delight in fragrance wafting about them. Men especially respond when women exude the scent of a particularly enchanting perfume or cologne.

Fragrances are desirable and in demand; especially top-of-the line brands with "star" names. Consumers desire them so much they are willing to pay top-of-the-line prices at department store counters or little out-of-the-way shops or fragrance boutiques.

Those who love fragrances, but find them a little pricey to indulge in very often, will love the new trend in marketing fragrances. Some customers may say oo-la-la as the French say. The trend is discount designer fragrances from FragranceVilla.com

And the newest trend from them is online buying with a full range of fabulous perfumes from top brands at fabulous prices. This trend is just too alluring to resist. Not only are prices excellent, but the consumer can be assured of quality which comes with satisfaction guaranteed.

Isn't wonderful to have a wardrobe of fragrances? comments


chrisair said...

I love perfumes and whenever I have lots of them it end up vaporizing and I missed it

Aileen A said...

Toilet water for me...kasi my nose gets irritated by strong perfume...I go for subtle fragrances lang. :-)

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