Saturday, November 30, 2013

Comfortable Quilts for Cold Winters

There are many different styles of fabricwork, but one of the most timeless and beautiful is quilting. Quilting uses multiple pieces of fabric and stitches them together into a larger single piece. This creates fascinating patterns and can highlight a lot of little details in a single item in a way most things simply can't. There are many different quilted items available on you can browse for an idea of what quilting can do.

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner

Quilts are excellent blankets and can be wonderful for cold winters. They tend to weigh down other covers, allowing them to slot neatly into other bedroom sets in a great way. They go well with nearly any bedroom decor. Due to their eclectic nature they suit a very wide variety of different bedrooms if you array them right.

Quilts make excellent gifts for newborns and their parents. Quilts tend to be durable, and due to the nature of how they are made they are fairly easy to repair as they become more careworn. Most children who have security blankets were given those blankets as quilts when they were newborns.

They make ideal keepsakes for other reasons as well. If it is no longer possible to transport and use a quilt, it's possible to gently deconstruct it, taking individual patches. This makes them perfect for sentimental value.

Quilts aren't always thought of as artistic items, but the truth is that they're gorgeous, heartfelt gifts made with a lot of artistic vision. Anyone struggling to think of a good gift idea this holiday season might do well to consider a quilt. comments

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