Saturday, December 28, 2013

You Left Me With No Choice, Young Man!

I am the eldest among my six younger siblings. We grew up together and I looked after them since I was still on the 4th or 5th grade. My mom and dad back then were making a living together. They always travel to all parts of Mindanao every month. So, that makes me the parent for all six of them. I act like a their mother and father at the same time.

I saw them grow with my own two eyes. I am not even used to not seeing them even just for a day. In fact, our youngest's (6 years old now) first word was mama and she thought I was her mom. I disciplined them by myself because mom and dad can't do that at that moment. I taught them everything I know, from their assignments, respecting people and even household chores.

My younger brother. The child after me.

That is my younger brother, he is the second child of our family. We fought like dogs and cats when I was still in high school and he in elementary. He is very outgoing, outspoken, funny and a major headache.

I am making up to him now that I have work and he is now in his second year in high school. I see to it that I provide what he needs. During his 15th birthday, I gave him an android phone so that he can use to communicate with us when he needed anything. Then, I also bought all of them new clothes, shoes and etc. for their Christmas party in school. In all of them, he has few pairs of shirts, pants and shoes. Let's say, that's my way of making up to him for fighting with him in our younger years. I really feel bad whenever I recall how bad my temper was. Well, can you blame me? I looked all six of them at the same time plus, I was still studying? But then, I'm the elder sister... it is my responsibility.

So, my other younger brother thinks I'm taking favoritism between the two of them. He even said that whatever Kuya asks, I give it automatically... and one of the example is the android phone. This little brother wants an android phone as well but I strongly oppose because he is still in the 5th grade and I even jokingly told him that he doesn't even have a textmate. But he insists that Kuya is really my favorite. But, there is really no favoritism here.

The two boys in our family
These past few days, I always caught them fighting over who will be washing the dishes. The younger guy always say that he is tired of running errands for the day and he will still be the one to wash the dishes while Kuya is just sitting pretty. He thinks its pretty unfair. 

Mom and Dad is not around again so I am the CEO of the house again. The young guy insisted that Kuya should do the dishes but Kuya declines as his hand is injured which by the way is fine now. He even played basketball this afternoon. The young one is already crying because of the dishes. Silly, right? But, he is a kid.

So, there I was again, doing my long speech. blah blah blah.... So the little guy washed the dishes when I was about to start my speech and they know that whenever I speech, I am in my boiling point already. I can see that Kuya is being lazy and unfair so I had no choice but to confiscate his phone and I have no plan of giving it back to him until he learned his lesson. 

I actually feel bad when I forcely get his phone. He begged me not to get it and he promised to do his chores. But, I need to be fair to the other one. Plus, I know he is just acting. He probably thought I was joking.

Kuya is the only one who can make me feel that way. He know me that much, and my weakness is no exception to him. But, I need to be firm with my decision. 

And right now, I am making their new schedule for who will be washing the dishes for the day. I hope there will be no incident like this ever again, but I doubt it. 


Joy said...

ahihi, typical domestic problem, my two sons have their own duties at home, the only time they will be off from doing their task is when they are sick, i implement house rules and as they grow they get used to it :)

nova hedges said...

oh that's really hard to do but i'm so proud for you, taking care of your younger siblings is just what they would like you to do, responsibilities to take care of them at your young age is quite remarkable, that's right we have to divide household chores so everyone has their own assignments.

juliana said...

Aha... Grounded!!!! This is so typical although it normally happens between parent and child. Kudos to you! You're doing a great job acting as substitute Mom. :-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awesome disciplinary action Marie. They will thank you for that!

papaleng said...

you're such a good Big sista to your mga kapatid. Pwede ka ng mag-asawa bunso.

Anne Mary said...

Wow they are very lucky to have you as their big sister. How I wish my eldest daughter will be as responsible as you, kudos to you.

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