Friday, April 18, 2014

Show Your Personal Style and Get $10

Are you fun of making your own fashion style? If your answer is yes, then here is the most exciting show in the world of fashion post and style that will surely best to your hobby!

This is first time on EricDress that they will sponsor a personal style show, and they are willing to give $10.00 cash to those individual who luckily bought and choose EricDress as their personal online shopping buddy.

But before you will go into the technical guideline of the said personal style show, let me introduced the sponsor first.

EricDress is an online shop to those men and women who are looking for perfect wardrobes on their daily activities. EricDress helped many fashion “wannabe’s” to create and make their personal definition of style and creativity. And for how many years that EricDress becomes everyone friend and buddy in terms of fashion trends and style, they are now giving more opportunity to those young and old “fashionistas” to show to the world on what they’ve got in making their own fashion signature.

If you think that you are qualified and best suited to this fashion style show then make yourself know first the technical guidelines and rules to this big event in the world of fashion blog, post and style.

And here are the personal style show rules:

  1. You have to take pictures of the products that you bought to this website:
  2. After receiving the product/s, you have to wear the product that you bought, take a picture of it and attached the photo together with your product and personal information. In sending the said material, please use this email:
  3.  Then the staff will be the one to confirm your email. And if you have been chose by the panel, and then you can have the $10.00 as cash return to the wardrobe that you bought from their website.

For more information (the do’s and don’ts) about the said fashion activity, please refer to this link: and together make the best post and show to the world that you are wearing the EricDress fashion wardrobes.

So are you going to let this opportunity gone? Buy a product now, be proud in wearing it and be one the first EricDress personal style show participant!

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Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean said...

So pretty. ;-)
Lovely greets Nessa

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