Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Best Friend

 Everyone of us has their own best bud! Of course I have mine too. She's the other half of me... She knows everything about me (more than my parents!) .. You're best friend seems like to be your brother or sister right? They are the one who we can talk to if we need a listener, someone we can tell our secrets, someone to cry one, someone to laugh with!

Ivy.. she's cute! :P
 I want you guys to meet my best friend. Her name is Ivy. She's crazy, emotional, silly, lovely, sweet, understanding and a good partner in crime! As you can see, she's pretty... A lot of boys are running after her than me, but its okay! I don't need lots of them anyways! HAHAHA!

Let me tell you one of her weaknesses! (Kindly keep it as a secret, okay?) She easily falls in love to a one handsome, tough guy! LOL..

 I can't even count how many boyfriends she already had and I only got 5 as of the moment. Hmmm.. As far as I can recall, her first boyfriend was when we were on the 5th grade..

People always compares us but we don't really care! We do crazy things together BEFORE. Yes...

We are apart now... She's in Cebu studying and living with her family while I am here in Bislig City living with my family too. We live in Cebu before but because of some personal and financial problems we decided to move over in Mindanao with our relatives.. In Cebu our situation is not good, its really hard to live in an urban area especially if you don't have any source of incomes.. My both parents that time don't have jobs.

So me and my best friend Ivy are both broken-hearted because we will be far from each other! We couldn't run from each other easily if we have problems like we used to do!

 For the first 2 years of being apart to each other and no communications, we continued our lives.. Live as possible as we could, made new friends and etc.. Luckily there's internet! I found her again on Friendster (before) and then I asked her number and our friendship continues again...

We shared secrets just like before, cry over the phone, laugh and everything! Everything is fine and it seems like nothing has happened.. Until now, we still use to communicate using our mobile phones, Facebook, and any other ways over the internet...

 It only proves that distance is not a hindrance for any relationships! F*ck distance! hehehehe.. I know there are still a lot of things that will test our friendship, but I know we will be both strong to face those storms!

I made a silly poem for her: PARTNERS IN CRIME! comments

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