Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upgrading Smartphone

My Samsung Galaxy Mini S-5570
It has been a while since I got my Samsung Galaxy Mini S-5570 smartphone that I received as a gift from my employer's wife. I am a prepaid user of both rival networks here in the Philippines; Smart and Globe.

I've been watching smartphone reviews and unboxing videos in YouTube. I have thought of upgrading my smartphone. I have three phone crushes as of the moment; iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 will do too. But I really want to stick with android phones right now as they are really amazing.

I am also planning to become a postpaid user, either in Globe or Smart. I just need to be wise and practical enough to choose which network I should choose, right?

In Globe Postpaid, I can get Samsung Galaxy Note for free under Plan 2499 which I get 7 freebies like, Free call & text to GLOBE/TM, Free call & text to OTHER NETWORKS, Free INTERNATIONAL Call & Text, Free MOBILE SURFING and Free My Super ONE.

While in Smart Postpaid, I can get  the iPhone 4s 16GB for free under iPhone Plan 2499. Here's a pic, so you guys can have an idea what am I talking about:

And also, I can get the Samsung Galaxy S2 for free under Plan 3500. Which is way more expensive than Globe's Samsung Galaxy Note in Postpaid. I am not really sure which one I should get. It still depends on the budget. Haha!

I really need to have a smartphone since its a must in my job. I need to be 24/7 connected with my employers as urgent matters may occur at any time. But, my current smartphone can't do it all. That's why I need to upgrade. comments


Aileen said...

Consider what network is used by most of your contacts or the ones you frequently call or send messages to. That would be one deciding factor. Another is the reliability of signal in your area. Lastly, paying PhP 2500 per month is expensive. So you gotta be compensated for that. Both networks tie you up for 24 months right?

Am sure you've done your research so, I hope you get to choose the best one for you. Nice phones either way. :-)

anney said...

Yung cellphone ko sobrang luma na pero di ko pa pinapalitan. Kailangan ko na din mag upgrade. Di nga nakaka connect sa wifi yun e. haha! jologs!

chrisair said...

ang iphone4s sa globe 1799 uli surf with 3 freebies, wag ka kumuha sa smart dahil iba pa iyun sa babayaran mo parang 2k ata sa smart na surfing lang

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