Thursday, July 5, 2012

Got My Firmoo

I have been anticipating to receive my two Firmoo glasses for the last 25 days. It was shipped all the way from China to here in Philippines for me and I'm pretty sure some of beautiful blog friends got their pretty pairs of Firmoo sunglasses too. And oh yes! I got it for free. But, when I get it from the Customs office here in my place, I have to pay one hundred fifteen pesos (Php 115.00)

So, as I have promised to the sender of this cool Firmoo sunglasses, I'll be making a review about it soon. I need to try it first before I declare my verdict to it.

I can't help but smile (and blush too) when one of my friends said that I look cute with these Firmoo glasses. Except with the unisex full frame wrap-around metal and John Lennon inspired sunglasses. I actually look like a bee with it. I choose that eyewear because I saw a photo of Miley Cyrus wearing the same thing. I'm such a fan! 

By the way, I will be posting the photos on my next post. Thank you guys for reading! ♥ comments

1 comment :

anney said...

Congrats Marie! Looking forward sa pictures mo na suot yan at syempre sa reviews mo.

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