Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm an Addict!

I admit it. I am an addict. My family and friends know about this since the day they know me. YES! I AM AN ADDICT! Not a drug addict though, but addicted about Korea, Korean artists, Korean cosmetics, Korean music, Korean culture and most of all, a Korean drama addict and collector. Yes, I am.. Judge me if you like! You can't blame me.

I have collected a lot of Korean drama DVDs already and am telling you, once I have a free time, I'll watch it and I won't stop until I finished it. Mostly, to finish a whole series, it takes me two days and one night (no sleep). Addict, eh?

So, to have an outlet of my addiction, I made a blog for all the Korean drama series that I watched to share what I felt after watching it and even lessons I learned from it.

Actually, no one in my family likes watching it like I do. No one I can share my opinions about what I am watching, so... I decided to get a blog for it. Hahaha. Even my friends... they can't get the flow I am into. They can't relate. Hahahaha! :)

I know a lot of people out there are like me too. Can't blame you guys! They're just awesome.

Well, at least I am not addicted to liquors and drugs. I am just addicted to God and Korean stuffs! ♥

By the way,  maybe you guys could drop by and say hi? Or even, follow my addiction. I would really really appreciate it. Here's the linky: Korean Dramas Collection. comments


anney said...

Para ka palang nanay ko. Nagpabili sakin ng mga DVDs kasi gusto nya tuloy tuloy ang panonood ng mga Korean dramas. hehe!

Pa Ul said...

Great post you have here. After reading your post, a thought came into my mind which is why artist must join on-line art competition. I guess my thought may be helpful too.

Henry said...

Ang laki na ng influence ng Korean satin. Dumadami na rin sila dito sa Commonwelt ave ^_^

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