Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Direction Addiction

I still remember that two years ago, I'm such a fan of Justin Bieber and I'm so obsessed and like I tweet him a thousand times a day. A fan will be happy to get a reply, DM (direct message) or just even a retweet (RT!) But, I got lost my interest in him because he have changed in my own views. Maybe I'm just really not a real BELIEBER (that's what his fans call themselves). But, I assure you guys that I am a certified SMILER (a Miley Cyrus fan)  through thick and thin.

And recently, a British-Irish boy band named One Direction has got many attention worldwide and it got mine 100%! They are just amazing and they have that appeal that can get anyone's attention. Haha! Becoming a fangirl again, ain't I?

(L-R):Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles

One Direction's fans call themselves as Directioners. Correction, we call ourselves as Directioners. Crazy as it may sound but we as fans like imagining this five beautiful-looking guys are having a "bromance" to each other. Hahahaha.

Oh anyway, I hope you like them after listening to this one:



Sara Pinto said...

I don't like One Direction, because I think pop music is just boring. I listen to a lot of rock music nowadays and it's incredibly amazing!!

Nadine said...

Well, I can't call myself DIRECTIONER at all... and i don't really listen to 1D's songs everytime and everywhere... But i think they deserve attention now. They are like Jonas Brothers, cool guys, well dressed and sing pretty sweet songs... ;D

lencilicious said...

Even though they didn't won the British Xfactor last year, they absolutely won the hearts of young ladies like you and even little girls. I know a 3 year old girl who really can sing their song(take note bulol pa yun ah). I just hope that they'll continue on the business even though new group is now on the making at the new season of British X factor. Enjoy being a Directioners.

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