Friday, October 25, 2013

Dresses For Different Occasions

It's obvious that my friends or family haven't seen me so much wearing a dress, but to be darn honest... I wanted to wear one.

When was the last time I wore a dress??? Wait... I'm gonna walk through memory lane a bit.
Oh yes! The last time I wore a dress was when I got invited in a party in Surigao and it was last year 2011. I'm the jeans-and-blouse kind of girl, actually. But, that has changed after that party. I feel like I'm a real lady when I wear a dress.

I'm glad that I found PersunDresses. They offer wide range of dress categories.

click the image to enlarge

I am so glad they also offer dresses for the beautiful plus size women out there. Plus size women are beautiful and I am not sugar-coating here. They need some spotlight too, you know. That's why I am so glad that PersunDresses has this idea for them! :)

As for me, this V-Neck Halter Slit Front Wrap Blue Dress stood out the most.

Aside that it is blue (which is my favorite color), it also look elegant, sexy but doesn't show too much skin. Just my type of dress! :) I can't stop wondering how this one will look on me.

What do you think? :D comments

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SittieCates said...

Nice photos of clothes, Bunso. For me, I steer away from such unless the occasion really called for it. :-) Just like you, I prefer wearing jeans and shirts.

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