Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas I am NOT Used To

Hey there fellow bloggers! I know, I know. Its been a while since I updated my blog. Blame my so-effin'-slow internet connection.

Anyway, how did all your Christmas celebrations went? Mine was good but its not as good as the past years. It was so complete and amazing! One of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy this year's Christmas is that I am sick. I had high fever for almost a week already and I was really afraid because I thought its already Dengue, but thank God its not.

What makes it more sad is that the best people I used to celebrate it with is already gone, my two grandfathers!

4 more days till my 18th birthday! YEHEY! :) I don't know what's waiting for me that day but, what really makes that day special is that I have lived another year and that's very important, right?

About my giveaway, I have chosen the winners already and I will announce them later after they response to my email! I'm really sorry you guys that I made it so late. Please, forgive me! comments
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