Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Effin' Slow

Hey fellow bloggers! I've been so inactive in the past few days. Why? well, my internet service provider went down for almost 2 weeks now and God, it's still not fixed! I haven't done my online jobs well because of this and also, wasn't able to blog too.

Share-a-load instruction.
My mobile phone has a mobile unlimited internet plan for a month and it has also few extra prepaid load. Hey, I can't do all my online works using mobile, right? So, I got no choice but to share some load from my mobile phone to my Globe Tattoo USB Plug-in. And still, the internet speed doesn't satisfy me.

I wanted to finish the 30 Days of Reflection I have started and also, my advance birthday giveaway will be ending this 20th of December. My boss has given me a lot of assignments. I should be thankful, because, it means more assignments, more pay. But, this time no! My connection won't let me do anything! Good thing, my neighbor let me use their wi-fi to be able to do something... But, its just for today! :|

Wishing and praying that before my birthday, I'll be able to finish everything and do something meaningful before the year ends. So, I can start something new next year! comments
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