Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Cinderella Story

My goodness! I still can't get enough of the "kiligness" of this movie that I just finished watching today. I actually watched it 3 times today and I am satisfied. Its not too OA like the 2 newer Cinderella Story movie. The combination of Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray is perfect. They have that amazing chemistry.

Photo from Wikipedia.
According to Wikipedia, A Cinderella Story is a 2004 American romantic comedy film. The film stars Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray and Regina King and was directed by Mark Rosman. The film's plot revolves around two Internet pen pals (Duff and Murray) who meet at a school dance and fall in love but two different worlds keep them apart. It received negative reviews from critics, but was a commercial success.

I know how the story goes already upon reading the description but, when I already watched the movie, I was quite surprise how they twisted the story.

One of the great quote I got in this movie is:

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

This will be my share for:

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