Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upgrading Smartphone

My Samsung Galaxy Mini S-5570
It has been a while since I got my Samsung Galaxy Mini S-5570 smartphone that I received as a gift from my employer's wife. I am a prepaid user of both rival networks here in the Philippines; Smart and Globe.

I've been watching smartphone reviews and unboxing videos in YouTube. I have thought of upgrading my smartphone. I have three phone crushes as of the moment; iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 will do too. But I really want to stick with android phones right now as they are really amazing.

I am also planning to become a postpaid user, either in Globe or Smart. I just need to be wise and practical enough to choose which network I should choose, right?

In Globe Postpaid, I can get Samsung Galaxy Note for free under Plan 2499 which I get 7 freebies like, Free call & text to GLOBE/TM, Free call & text to OTHER NETWORKS, Free INTERNATIONAL Call & Text, Free MOBILE SURFING and Free My Super ONE.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Days Vacation to Nasipit

After a year of waiting, I was finally able to go home. I mean HOME; the place where I was created, grew up, made friends and stuffs.

It wasn't really planned. Me, my mom, siblings and cousins (who live with us) was forced to go home because, my grandma was really crying over the phone and saying: "My time is near. I'm getting old and dying and I haven't seen all of you for ages." That's why and I really missed my Lola so much so we went home!

From Bislig City going to Butuan City will take seven to eight hours travel by bus. The fare cost around PHP240 - PHP250.

So, we left Bislig City at 4:00 in the afternoon and reached Butuan at 11:00 in the evening.We still haven't had our dinner by then and we are all starving. I forced mom to go to Jollibee for us to have our dinner and since there's no Jollibee in Bislig, the kids were extremely happy.

Posed before getting our order.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being in School

Others may find it really annoying and boring being in school during school days, but not me. I always find school amazing and fun. I love learning new things everyday there and being around with my friends, of course.

I even decided to become a teacher, before. But that dream changed when I find new interesting things that took my whole attention into it. Anyhow, I love being always in school minus the dancing and singing subject!

I never like Math but I miss answering the formulas.

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