Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reward for my Father

I'm a family kind of girl, you know. My family matters most to me. Before I started working, I was just an average girl, living with my parents and siblings. There are circumstances that I have to skip school because I have to babysit my younger brothers and sisters because both of my parents are working that time.

Photo not mine
Now, that I am working... I made my parents stopped working because they're getting old. As much as possible, I take responsibility of almost everything.  

So, now that I have saved enough, I've been planning to give my father a reward for all the effort, love, support and hard work that he did for all of us. He doesn't know yet, and yes, it will be a surprise. I'm planning to get him a Movado bold brand watch.

I'm also planning something for Mama's reward too. But Dad's first! I'm sure my mom will understand! :) I do hope Papa will like it though. 


jo-anne said...

What a nice gesture! I know your dad will love it especially it came from your heart.

nova hedges said...

giving back something to our parents would make them feel love more and kindness and generosity i'm sure they're proud to have you such a thoughtful person. family is the most important thing on earth.

Dhemz said... sure he'll treasure it! I admire you for supporting your parents....:)

San Josenyong Gala said...

He will like it for sure... especially if it came from a very sweet daughter like you... :)

betchai said...

you're so sweet Marie and very thoughtful too, God bless your kind heart always, and take care

Teresa Martinez said...

I'm sure your father will love your gift. You're such a thoughtful daughter.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Movado is one of my husband's favorite brand. He has one that he got years ago and he still have it.

Your father would be grateful!

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