Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be Silly

It seems like the past few days has been dreadfully stressful for me. All the paper works, moving out and arranging tours has been a punishment but also a blessing. I am very thankful, but I think I need a break too.

I just want to chill, sleep, read a book somewhere peaceful. No deadlines to catch, no bills to think about and no worries at all. But that's just impossible. It will just be a dream, well, at least for now.

yours truly at the back and my cousin.

Despite my toxic life, I try to be silly every now and then around with the kids. It's kind of relaxing to hear their giggles and laughter. I feel like I'm the most amazing big sister in the world when that happens.

God knows how much I wanted to break down and just cry. But I'm thankful that He always provides me with strength to carry on with whatever I do. I am still blessed, and so are you! :) comments

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