Friday, August 22, 2014

Sea Travel with M/V St. Leo the Great of 2GO

I had the chance to travel in the sea bound for Manila with M/V St. Leo the Great of  2GO last August 10 and I was with my mother. The ship left the Port of Nasipit at exactly 3:00 am and we arrived in Pier 4, Manila on Monday at exactly 2:00 pm.

The trip was pretty fast if we compare it to before's travel time by sea coming from Nasipit and bound to Manila. Before, it takes 3 days and 2 nights to reach Manila if you choose sea travel.

Actually, it's fun to travel by sea (as long as the weather is fine) than via air but, air travel is much faster but kinda expensive (unless it's a promo). Why sea travel is fun, you may ask. Well, 2GO's St. Leo The Great vessel has a spa and salon on board, a ballroom, karaoke room, dining area and a convenience store. How awesome is that?!

In our itinerary, meals are included (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) but some of the passenger said that meals are not included in their itinerary. So, I guess it depends on your travel agent. I booked our tickets online and I got a great deal. I chose Mega Value (the cheapest) room because it's fun to interact with people from different walks of life, just be sure to be extra cautious with your belongings because there are a lot of people in Mega Value rooms and you can't just trust anybody you just met there. It's for your own safety, trust me. :)

By the way, here's some shot I took using my phone...

Dining area

Island Fiesta
Island Fiesta is the "canteen" in the vessel. This is where you can order different kind of dish, drinks and etc. Well, if you're on a budget, I have to warn you... the prices (everything, as in everything) inside the ship is unbelievably high. My mother freaked out the moment she found out the price of 3-in-1 coffee there and I just told her "well, you can't go out and find a sari-sari store." Hahaha!

I just have to say this though... the whole ship is very alive and clean. I appreciate the crew because they always clean every corner of the ship every now and then. They also always attends to every inquiry of the passengers. But, their shower and toilet rooms really needs an upgrade even though they clean it every minute.

Ladies toilet room
I hate that the toilets their doesn't really flush plus their shower rooms are showing the need of revamping, REALLY! One time I showered, I actually saw a cockroach crawling in the wall and little insects crawling near the shower. That really needs attention, right?

And also, to those passengers who just leave their sh*ts in the toilet rooms and isn't bothered of the thought that another person will actually use the toilet. This kind of people badly needs to undergo a seminar! These people needs to wake up! I just feel bad for the crews that will have to clean up other people's mess. Just imagine if you were in their shoes, right? Sucks, BIG TIME!!

Charging station
You can't charge your gadgets inside your room, unless you're in the cabin or state room (the expensive ones). So, if you're in the tourist, super value and mega value rooms and you need to charge your gadgets, you have to go to the charging station. You need to drop a five peso coin to start  charging. Your five peso will take up to ten minutes only.

Guess what? I've already dropped sixty pesos in total and my phone haven't even reached 30% of battery.

And here's what you can see in the upper deck of the ship...

You can't find signals in your phone in some rooms inside the ship. If you need to send a text or need to call, you have to go to the upper deck to be able to do that. You can see endless view of the ocean there. ;)

All in all, the experience here is okay and I would definitely travel via sea with 2GO again, if given the chance.

My rate for this travel experience would be 3.5 out of 5. They badly need to upgrade their shower and toilet rooms. comments


Ima Vee said...

I haven't tried 2go ever but that spa and salon on board is really something that caught my attention... :)

nova hedges said...

wow!!! it's been a very long time since I ride in a boat to go to the different places in the country, if this is what it looks like, would definitely going to try this someday.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow, that is huge. I have never been in a big ship, I mean to stay there long to sleep there and eat.

Jessica Cassidy said...

The last time I took the ship was 2007 when my summer babe was only 6 months old. It takes a while to reach our destination than taking an airplane. I am also sea sick so I cannot enjoy the view from outside the dock :-(

papaleng said...

Bonga ang sasakyan ni bunso. How I wish ma-experience ko rin. Hanggang bangka lang ako.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

I think I will enjoy the karaoke room and the spa when I board a similar vessel. I'll mention this to hubby since he has plans of a family trip this year.

Arvy Jay Ramos Cuman said...

Thanks for the great feedback! I'm so tremendously proud to became part of that vessel, just for three months though! I had a wonderful time working there, meeting different kinds of people, dealing with multi-cultural environment, interacting with them and most precious thing is when I met the brightest star of my life' she's a passenger that time! Oh' Debbie Kieth!

Duncan said...

Greetings. We've taken a minicruise from IJmuiden (Netherlands) to New Castle (UK) and the crew where mainly Pinoys. Lovely! Will this cruise from Cebu to Manila have mainly a dutch crew? :P
We've booked a suite. I'll take pictures and send them to you if u like. You pictures could use an upgrade too. Hopefully provide a better impression of the luxery side of the trip.

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