Saturday, June 25, 2011


Its been ages since I updated this blog. Been quite busy at school and with some personal stuffs. I meet new friends, conquered my fears (a bit), learned something new and adjusted myself when needed. School is always been my greatest escapade from problems. I know some of you may not like or hate being at school, I feel you! I've been in that stage too, but my destiny is different. I need to be mature that early and should always first think about my family before myself. I understand that and never complained, but there are parts of me that are actually against it, but didn't listen to it.

Before, when I was in Cebu, I always run to my best friend. I always told her every piece of me, every pain I feel, every happiness, every tears and joy.. She's the one that understands me until we need to be apart!

Some of you find school so pressuring! But I like all the activities done in school, I feel free and so young! No pressures, no problems! Honestly, I have never thought that I'll have the chance to be in college, even my parents didn't expect it. But God is really good, He always finds way for us to be better and feel better..

Well, as of now our current lifestyle is fine even sometimes we have some misunderstandings we are still thankful for everything.

I am also very thankful for having such great friends. I may say they're the coolest, awesome-st, greatest and most understanding people I've ever meet. It may be still too early to give those kind of words, I believe in them.. Hope everything will just be fine in the future. Storms may pass, but I hope this friendship will last!

 I have some words for this guys! :)

                         You guys rocked ASC! :D

I'm very glad I've found friends like this!


papaleng said...

Always treasure your friends. AN inspiring and motivational post!

ms.joyce said...

late comment: LOVE IT.!

Chrisair said...

what a friendship

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