Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 20 - A Picture Of Somewhere You'd Love To Travel

In Day 15, I was asked a picture of something I want to do before I die and I posted I'll go to Paris.. And now, I'm asked of a picture of somewhere I'd love to travel. It's totally a different place/country.

As of now, I really want to travel to Seoul, South Korea. How's that?  I'm a fan of Korean dramas and some K-Pop Bands. In TV, I always see how beautiful South Korea is, especially Seoul.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia


KM said...

ako din, at one point, sumubaybay din ako ng mga Koreanovelas. hehe!

chrisair said...

ilove all of them how could we not , wish we can make a quality like that

Blanca/BlancNotes said...

I wanted to go to Seoul, Kore too. I've seen lots of nice pictures about the place and at one time, I was so into the Koreanovelas and anything Korean. haha

Ima Vee said...

I want to go to Paris... I'm going there tonight... Sama ka Eds? I'm going there via dream land...hehehe

Quick Ways to Make Money said...

I've been to Europe last year, and been around here in the US lately too!

My girl and I are planning to come to Philippines this time. She's been there and she can't just get over it.

I just hope she won't read this, it's kind of a surprise for her.

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