Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 23 - A Picture Of Your Favorite Book

I have purchase few e-books last year but I have only read 2 of them. I'm too lazy to read them. You know, there's something about the printed books that e-books doesn't have. That's then I realize I will never ever purchase e-books again and I also promise to myself I will always read printed books. The smell of printed books is really different, its like calling you to read them.

 So, as of this moment, my most favorite book is PROM. The story is about a girl who isn't interested on attending prom and would rather go out with her boyfriend. But, that changed when her best friend Natalia; the president of the Prom committee in their school accidentally injured her leg because of wearing heels (as a practice for the big night) and assigned her as the temporary Prom committee president.

 Its a pretty exciting story. It makes me smile somehow! In my high school days, I wasn't able to attend our JS Prom because of some family problems and because of this book, I feel like I've joined their prom. From the preparations, excitement, dismay, madness and the happiness in the big night, I feel like I was there joining them. That's cool, isn't it?

I will try to write a review about this book as soon as I can. I've been too lazy to write any reviews nowadays. I am not motivated and dedicated enough to write any reviews. comments

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KM said...

sounds like a *kilig* story ♥ i used to read a lot of paperbacks too when i was younger. there really is something about turning those pages manually, than digitally. on the other hand, when traveling, ebooks are preferable than paperbacks/hard bounds ;)

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