Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget

Cadbury is one of my favorite chocolate/candy. It feels heaven to have them in my mouth. (Haha!)

That picture was taken last year. A close friend gave it to me since he knew it was my favorite. So, more points for him. (LOL)

As of today, I'm trying to minimize eating those and I'm also trying to forget it. I'm on a serious diet right now and trying to lose some weight. Eating those won't help me reach my goal weight and figure.


papaleng said...

Fave ko rin yan. Yung almond nuts nga lang.

chrisair said...

sis you are so fine, as I can see it

KM said...

sarap naman kasi talaga ng cadbury. tip ko sayo wag mo masyado i-deprive yung sarili mo. it's okei to have a piece or two every now and then, kasi the more you deprive yourself, the more na mag-c-crave ka, and that's when you tend to binge and ruin your diet ;)

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