Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 25 - A Picture Of Your Day

Hi blogpals! :) It has been a while since my last post and it was my entry for Happiness Is... meme and I failed to visit all the entries last week. And for that, I am really really sorry! I was too busy about some serious stuffs outside of the blogosphere.

Anyway, this is my 25th entry/day for 30 days of reflection and I'm going to post a picture of my day.

Today is just another ordinary day with loads of works to do, online and offline. I was cleaning my workplace today and after few hours, it end up to a mess (as shown in the picture above.)

As of this writing, I am again cleaning up my area so I can work peacefully. It usually turn out like this when I'm having some emotional problems which one of my Triond pal said is a hormonal problem. comments


Stacy said...

Really a nice one
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KM said...

hey marie! looks like you have a busy desk there ;) dami ba clients mo recently? that's good :)

by the way, up na ang linky for Happiness Is meme #9. just letting you know in case may entry ka na i-li-link ;)

take care!

gagay said...

i guess, it's not a messy's one typical desk of a busy woman..isn't it?

Liesl said...

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment! :-)

Last year I also did a post where I had to post "a picture of your day". I actually have a very similar picture to yours!

Liesl xxx

chrisair said...

its not messy as I can see it

anney said...

May mga araw talaga na bad trip ano? But it's normal. life has to go on. Have a blessed week Marie!

Sara Pinto said...

it happens the same with me!!!

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