Friday, March 30, 2012

Those Nights... Too Much Fun!

Hi blogpals! :) Yours truly has been away for two weeks because of some personal problems. Instead of sitting in the corner and cry, I realize I should at least have fun for a while. It doesn't happen all the time and that's why I grab the chance that I could to go out with my cousins and break free!

Oh no! I wasn't in the dance floor. Dancing isn't in my system! I'm just getting fond watching people in the dance floor dancing gracefully!

It's getting hot!
It was an amazing experience. It really was! I didn't regret a single second of it! Thanks to my cousins who forced me to go with them... And because of that, I don't feel sad or anything!

The result of those nights? Here you go:

Dead tired! :))


papaleng said...

Ay, plakda sa pagod. LOL

anney said...

Oh you need a break once in a while. Mukhang pagod na pagod ka sa gala nyo ah. hehehe! At least nag enjoy ka naman. Happy weekend!

G A B Y said...

Ahahahah that last pic made me lauch (: I miss clubbing so much!

KM said...

Musta na, Marie? Back on your feet ka na ba? ;) Kaseksi mo naman matulog ^^

Stacy said...

Lolz stunning last pic
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