Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying New Things

How's your Summer so far? Mine? Duh! Its just like an ordinary season. All I do is work and work and work. Still, thankful that I have work.

Anyway... I'm really not sure if I should post this one or what, but I'll post it anyway. I'm just trying to boost my self-confidence and I hope this one will/could help.

I'm on Youtube! Hahaha. I was just so curious how would it feel to blog in Youtube. In Youtube terms, its called video blogging, in short: vlog.

So, here's my very first vlog entry:

One of the reasons why I tried this thing is that for me to practice my English speaking skills. I know! I know that I did some grammatical error in that video but I could work on that sooner or later.

 I'm just hoping you guys wouldn't laugh of me. Instead, I'm hoping for all of your support! :D Subscribe or comment could help! LOL. comments


KM said...

Hi Marie! You did well :) Nice to hear how you sound like when you speak. Thanks for sharing. You should do more vlogs ^^

anney said...

Ganda namn ng boses mo Marie! Di ko yata kaya mag vlog kasi shy ako. hehehe!

papaleng said...

I love it!!! No kidding, you did have a few grammar error but it doesn't matter. I can't understand naman English.. LOL

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