Saturday, April 14, 2012

We Eat Like There's No Tomorrow

I can't deny it anymore. I really love eating, especially when I'm so stressed. Plus, my dear cousins' loves to eat too and lately I've been hanging out with them, so... I can't help but eat with them! No wonder I'm not losing any weight! ^^

Most of the time, when me and my girl cousins go out, our first stop will be the Kwek-Kwekan. We just love kwek-kwek so much. By the way, kwek-kwek is just a boiled egg covered with flour (in orange?).

They want more. ^^

More photos of our eating escapades:

She just can't wait! Peace Jane! ♥
And of course, yours truly digging my kwek-kwek. HAHA!

Another food that we are really obsessed of are burgers and spaghetti! ♥_♥

The Eaters! :D
After a good meal, you can't help but be thankful. HAHA! We start throwing jokes and laugh at them so bad. I'll definitely miss this!

We are all full! Burrrp.



anney said...

May binibilhan kami ng kwekkwek dito samin. Masarap yung sauce nila. Minsan nga dinadagdagan pa kami. hehehe!

gagay said...

Hi MC!

same here.. i love eating.. :) good to you, you can just eat those street foods like can't.. ;( my tummy's very sensitive to those foodies.. ;|

KM said...

Sarap ng kwek-kwek talaga! Ako naman eh gustong gusto ko isawsaw yan sa suka na may konting sili, bawang at sibuyas, tapos iulam na sa mainit na kanin. Solb na solb na ako dun. Yebaaaahhh!!! :D

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