Sunday, November 9, 2014


Some people say I work too hard

I agree

I work too hard trying to keep my head above water
I work too hard trying to impress other people
I work too hard trying to suppress my emotions
I work too hard trying to 'stay strong' in the face of ridicule
I work too hard trying to keep my teachers happy

And honestly

I work too hard trying to act like I don't.

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Franc said...

I guess you can just be yourself and try the best way you can. The rest will follow and be impressed.

Franchesca Cruz said...

I struggle through the same thing everyday to the point wherein I don't understand the point of it sometimes. I guess the only remedy is to focus and believe in your own self.

Louise Banta said...

In this generation, why are most of us, myself included, think too much? Worry too much? Try too much?

I don't know about you but I realized before that I try too hard to belong when I really don't have to. It's like we over think things to a point we stress ourselves with issues that do not really exist.

Louise ❤

Allen said...

I felt the same as I read through the post. I guess this is what happens when we are afraid of what people will think about us or judge us with.

Fred Hawson said...

What a true sentiment this poem of yours represents. So true for all of us. Your words have been chosen so well.

Mia Foo said...

Frankly speaking, I wonder if we're really trying too hard to follow the social norms or just can't be bothered to break free. Or rather, lack the courage to be true to ourselves, and took the easy way out and blame the society, then put up a false pretense of having worked really hard at trying, just to keep the self denial going?

Khushboo Motihar said...

That is a beautiful verse dear. Keep your chin up and keep trying and you will definitely succeed :)

Sara Thomas said...

Chin up lovely. Nothing bad ever came from trying too hard, just make sure you take some time out to enjoy yourself too :)

Sara | This Girl Loves

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