Monday, August 1, 2011

My Journey Starts Now

Oh yes! I'm on my journey to change myself. I want to be confident like the way I imagine myself to be and not like this... I always feel the world is against me, no one understands me, I always put myself down..

 You guys must be wondering or even don't believe me.. I've tell this many times and yet nothing has changed. Well, this time, I think it will happened. I have God with me, so nothing's impossible! :)
I just dropped by in an online bookstore in Facebook and I saw this ebook which really interests me the most.. The title is 365 Steps to Self Confidence.

Since my last year in high school, I really wanted to be confident. I just don't know how and where to start. Well, this time I guess I can go on since I already have a guide.. Thanks also to Sittie Cates for giving me a hint of buying some self-help books..
I will start to follow the activities from that ebook and instead of notebook (as instructed) I choose to write the progress of myself here in my blog! :) Please bear with me on my new journey in life! :) comments


Christ4Thailand said...

Keep it UP Eds..I know that you'll achieve whatever t is you are aiming to achieve,,, just look unto Jesus who is the Author and finisher of our faith..nothing else matters with HM and through HIM :) God bless

papaleng said...

A journey to a thousand miles begin with a single step. Leap your foot, bunso and God will guide your way.

Macherie said...

=) God Bless

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