Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Started in a Diary

Memories I captured. (My diary; before I burn it.)
I saw someone today who reminded me of my diary during the silly days in high school. My Mom read the half of it that's why I end up burning it. Honestly, I miss writing in a diary every night before going to bed. I remember writing everything I feel in my diary those days. Who my crush is, how mad I am to my teachers and to my mom and how happy I am to be with the people who loves me for being me.

I would love to create a new one which I can keep until I get old and read them when that day comes. But I am afraid my mom will find out about it again. She's a very curious woman (like me) that's why I am afraid to make a new diary even if I really love to.


Today is my little sister's 4th birthday. She's 4 years old now and learned a lot of things. She's really smart that's why I am very much proud of her. Actually I am proud of 6 of them. I couldn't wait seeing them grow! I am like their mother because they grow up with me. 
The Birthday Girl

   To my baby girl; Ate loves you very much even if sometimes you are so stubborn and very "pasaway". You will always be my baby girl. I love you very very much! ♥ comments

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KM said...

i feel for you, marie :) i used to have diaries too, and i hated it when others would read them. but it's alright, i'm sure your mom meant well :) you can still have one, and maybe talk to your mom and let her know that you'd appreciate it if she respects your privacy by not reading your diary. a diary is a good tool to vent out your feelings and emotions, but just the same, you shouldn't shut yourself from others especially your mom who knows what's best for you :) feel free to open up to them and let them know your thoughts and feelings ^^

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