Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul Sisters

This post is dedicated to my soul sister Tiana or Trianna! If you guys don't know, we've been online friends for like a year already and I guess from the day we've meet we know we are sisters! She's really like a family to me, my whole family know her too.

Today is her birthday. How I wish I am with her to spend her birthday today but I know God has a plan for us. There are still many years to come.

We've made plans together and we couldn't wait for it to happen. I'm glad I've met her, I told her half of my life and I am very happy that she understands me and I am also thankful that somehow she told me half of her life story.

Couldn't wait for Italy sis! This write up is totally not good, but I hope you appreciate it. Have fun in your special day and always remember I love you... 



Abhinav said...

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KM said...

hey marie ! how are you ? hope all is well. i left you an award in my blog. feel free to grab it (and pass around) whenever you get the chance :) here's the link:

thanks, and have a great day :)

Brewed Coffee said...

Soul sisters indeed. It's funny that we tend to look similar to the people whom we get very close with. :-)

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