Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 14 - A Picture of Someone You Never Imagine Your Life Without

There are times that me and my mom always have a cat fight. Yea, cat fight! We fight for some silly reasons. She doesn't want me to go out without her, like, seriously? HAHA! But now, I'm already used to it. There are also times that I tease her. I'd say "Ma, I'll go out today... by myself!" She'll stare back at me like she's doubting. She often thinks that when I go out, I'll withdraw money. But, honestly, I'm not.

My mom doesn't trust me when it comes to money matters. Even if, I'm already making money by myself. She said I'm too young (obviously, I'm still 18 but, not that young). She even said that when I'm still not yet 20 years old and still living under her roof, I'll follow her rules and regulations. She's like the queen! She really is. She also said that she'll just set me free (decide on my own) when I'm already 20. Okay, that's 2 more years.

But, seriously... Even if my mom's so fierce and strict, I respect and love her with all my heart. Without her, how could I ever be in here, blogging? There are actually a lot of things that she have sacrificed for us, her family. She sometimes think that everything she have done for us isn't appreciated but, she's really wrong. We just don't know how to express it.

All my money, I always give it to her. She'll budget it for me and the rest of our family. Actually, she's also right. I still don't know how to handle my money and that's why I don't react much when she gets it away from me.

So yea, I can't live without her.  comments
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