Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 19 - A Picture of a Letter

I haven't received a letter from someone since birth. That doesn't mean I don't give letters as well. In special occasions, I always give my parents a letter written by me from the heart.

So, since I haven't received any letter from someone special or even my family and relatives, I'll just post the photo of what I received this morning when I opened our door.

Yes. That's from Google. What it contains inside is the PIN Number for my Google Adsense. I think their purpose of mailing it is to verify my address or something like that. Its nothing special, but at least, seems like a letter to me.

I'm so sorry to the bloggers who joined last week's Wednesday Whites, Yummy Sunday and Food Trip Friday memes because I haven't visit your posts back. Too busy of a lot of stuffs and I'm going crazy. Don't you worry pals, I will make it up to all of you somehow. I hope you all understand. comments

1 comment :

KM said...

yehey, may pin ka na for Google Adsense! ;)

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