Monday, January 2, 2012

Plans for 2012

Hello 2012! My first 2 days of this year was a blast. Our new year celebration was just simple but amazing! How was yours? I hope it was fun and also your fingers are still complete!

For the last week of 2011, my desktop computer went down while I was in the middle of a heavy work. That desktop computer has served me for almost 2 years and I think it is now asking for its medication. (LOL) My technician friend has been busy since the last few days and my computer is resting too. I'm now using my laptop/notebook for updating my blogs and websites. I can't work with the heavy files with this one because it will slow down.

My laptop/notebook.
Anyway, let's go down to my plans for 2012. Ready? Here it goes:
  • I will finish the 30 Days of Reflection here in this blog.
  • Will join memes again! :)
  • My 2 community websites will be more active.
  • Have my own business cards.
  • Will create my own PayPal account since I'm already in the legal age. (Already done)
  • Have my own bank account and debit card.
  • Postal ID and passport
  • Will go to Cebu for Sinulog
  • Help my mom finance her little carenderia plan.
  • Socialize with more people
  • Study online to improve my writing skills (If I have a skill. LOL!)
There are actually a lot more but, they are too many to mention. I'll try my very best to do or accomplish them all. Even if I can't do them all, at least I can do some.

And anyway, what are your plans for this year?

Happy New Year everyone! comments
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