Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can't Be Tamed

Nothing can compare how I admire Miley Cyrus. I don't know when this admiration started, I just found myself admiring her! She's awesome, strong, beautiful, kind-hearted, lovable, sexy and a real role model. I don't care what her haters say.. Through thick and thin, I will always be her fan!

 SHE CAN'T BE TAMED, so do I! Everyone might be saying she's a slut, because of the way she dressed, because of her tattoos and whatever! My admiration for her will always stay until my last breathe..

I'm sick! Only few people knows that.. I have a clinical depression.. I just discovered it recently and been confirmed the other day! Reading quotes, listening to Miley's music makes me feel a lot better.. I keep my mind busy to avoid being depressed.

If Miley would just followed me, tweet or DM me in twitter, I will do my very best to cure myself. Actually, even if she won't I still will. As long as I have her music in my heart and mind... I will continue living!

Actually, I have two options to be cured! First one is to take medicines but my doctor said its not good, because I might be dependent on drugs... and the second one is to break it myself by having fun, keeping myself busy and not let myself be alone.. That's why I'm trying to make new friends and trying to gain confidence for the better!

I wanted to be as strong as Miley.. After all the controversies in her life, her family and negative feedbacks, she still stand strong.. showing the world that no one can tamed her!

I love you Miley.. and will always will! comments


Maria Teresa Guanlao said...

Hala,fan ka tlga ni Miley bunso ah,as in! Hehe!

guimo said...

i'm a huge miley fan.. she is getting wilder na talaga..

simplesoul said...

i really like her video sa kantang yan.. :)

Christ4Thailand said...

ahmm..a humanly advice..don't put your full trust in the end you'll just be frustrated :) Just be yourself and keep on living and loving no matter how painful it may be :) God Bless you and be well Eds..
He is the only one that can CURE you TOTALLY..spiritually and physically :)

admin said...

She's the bomb! ♥

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